Perception. Having your photograph taken some 50 years ago required preparation and a journey to a photo studio, it was an event in itself. Those often staged images, bear little resemblance to how a modern tale can be told through photography. We now cherish spontaneity, capturing the big and the little moments alike. Whether it is a special occasion or just a morning coffee with your loved one, celebrate it!


Memories. At an early age, photographs allowed me to take a glimpse into the time I was too little to remember, to meet my younger self. When I grew older, I learnt to appreciate the images of those dear to me, especially when they were no longer near. Create your own collection to reminisce about. 


Experience. With my total focus on you, I believe in taking time and care. To get to know what you are looking for, to find that perfect shot. My vision, your story. 



Fixed fee


I believe in transparency, so there will be no hidden costs. I charge a fixed fee of £100 per hour. 


This includes:


  • 1-hour photoshoot in your chosen location(s) 

  • 100  digital photographs (depending on the type of session)

  • 2-3 days delivery for the photos




  • next day delivery £150 

  • available option for PR

  • available option for live streaming  photo/video


We will discuss your requirements and any other extras (such as additional travel costs) in advance. 




You will need to pay a £50 deposit to secure the date and time of your session. This can be done via PayPal or a bank transfer. The deposit will only be refunded to you if you cancel at least 3 days before the session. 




North London (travel UK-wide)

Tel: +447447115060 Oleg


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